Yoga for men
stretching to reduce stress
Are you a bloke who enjoys a good moan?
Or wakes with aches? Or just feels off?
Are you a bloke who enjoys a good moan? Or wakes with aches? Or just feels off?
If you’re a guy and the words stressed out, cantankerous or moody describe your mental state, you could be suffering from ‘Irritable Male Syndrome’ (IMS), a common side effect of low testosterone.

Most men’s testosterone levels naturally begin to drop after age 30, however, according to a UK survey, men over the age of 52 start becoming noticeably grumpy.

Grumpies Yoga, a yoga class just for men, is a new idea from Tracy Adshead, Yoga Teacher at Grey Lynn Community Centre. The class has been running since 2015.

Of course all grumpy men love yoga – for their wives and girlfriends that is. But did you know that yoga helps to reduce the effects of hormonal changes for men by balancing the endocrine system (the home of hormones), and helping to reduce the symptoms of hormonal fluctuations? In fact, taking one yoga class per week can increase endurance, build strength, prevent injuries and help to alleviate the impact of stress in daily life (Harvard Mental Health Letter, 2009).

Men typically focus their fitness on strength training and/or endurance training. While these workouts are great for muscle, bone, and heart health, the repetitive movements can lead to muscle tightness. Yoga can be a great way to get better balance and improved flexibility into your fitness routine so that you can still tie your shoelaces without gasping!
Why Grumpies?
Manage stress
Each class ends with a relaxation, which calms the three aspects of ourselves that are often affected by stress: our body, mind, and breathing.
Joint Health
Yoga supports muscle and bone strength, which relieves stress and strain on your joints.
Flexibility and Balance
Focusing on a posture can strengthen your balance, and flexibility will increase as you stretch your muscles.
What to expect
in a class
Before the class starts, let me know about any injuries or physical limitations, I can always suggest modifications for more comfort. Feel free to let go of a posture at anytime. Nothing is compulsory.

Do you need to bring anything?
Mats are provided. If you feel more comfortable bringing your own mat that’s fine.

Don’t worry about flexibility.
Saying you have to be flexible to do yoga is like saying you have to be in shape to go to the gym. There may be a relationship between yoga and flexibility, but being flexible isn't a prerequisite. Joint mobility is where flexibility actually starts, moving freely improves with regular practice.

Grey Lynn Class

Tuesdays 6pm to 7pm
Grey Lynn Community Centre
Richmond Road

Contact Tracy on 021 284 8444
$20 per class - Online payments available
Mats Provided, Wear comfortable clothing.

Online Class


Live Class (not pre recorded)
Cost - $20
This class is a whole-body practice that uses gentle movement, deep breathing, and relaxation.

Step 1 : Book your place via FB messenger (include your email address). Please book at least 2 hours prior to the start time.
Step 2 : Click on the class invite link that will be sent to you by email.

You will receive a new link by email for each class booked. I will be available on Zoom 10 to 15 minutes before the class starts.

Cancellations & Refunds
A full refund will be given on the condition that 2 hours notice is given by email or Facebook messenger prior to the start date/time.
Refunds will be made within 2 working days of receipt of notice to cancel.

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